Kata Studios

2 hours ago

Been a long time since my last update. Well it obviously turns out that it takes a long time to build a game when you also build the underlying engine from scratch and then decide to also build a whole-ass scripting language from scratch, but I'm getting there! KataScript is working great and you can even demo it in your browser: https://brwhale.github.io/KataScript/ !!! Kata Engine is progressing very smoothly as well! I just spent a couple weeks really squishing all the bugs out of the multiplayer code, and as a celebration of progress I've made a small game! Which I'll share once the steam page review is done!! As for progress on Floppy Cat Adventures, it's a big game. I've written out most of the dialogue, but there's still a lot of quest work to finish and I need to optimize a lot for weaker pcs. At this point I'm shooting for a release sometime this year.
458 days ago

There were a lot of bots clogging up the account creation, so I cleared most of the user accounts and added some basic bot detection. It's possible I deleted some legit user accounts though. You may want to try re-registering your account if you want to make sure you are actually subscribed to email updates.
460 days ago

https://store.steampowered.com/app/1898010/Floppy_Cat_Adventures/ We're on Steam!